Automobile Liability

Pittsburgh Automobile Liability Attorney

As a Pittsburgh Personal Injury attorney, many of our cases focus on automobile accidents, or accidents with some type of motorized vehicle.  These claims are typically governed by the law of negligence. Any individual who negligently operates a motor vehicle may be required to pay damages to an injured victim in a car wreck or other accident. A personal injury case involving a vehicle accident may result in a lawsuit in civil court, it may be resolved through a settlement before a lawsuit is filed.

We have handled thousands of cases involving automobile accidents and automobile liability. We will work hard to ensure you get the best possible outcome from a settlement or trial.

Vehicle accidents can include: ATV Accidents, Automobile Accidents, Aviation Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Boating Accidents, Commercial Bus Accidents, Cruise Ship Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Multiple Vehicle Car Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Rear End Collisions, Semi-tractor Trailer Accidents, School Bus Accidents, SUV Rollover Accidents, Train Accidents, Truck Accidents, Yacht Accidents, and much more.

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